The easiest way

to source your vehicle inventory

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The easiest way to source your vehicle inventory

How does it works?


At the moment a customer arrives at the dealership to trade-in an used vehicle to a new one, the dealership’s representative registers the customer’s information in the Auto Action platform.


Through our APP, the appraiser photographs and fill out all the information about the vehicle. The APP will show a fair price to be paid on the car. Auto Action has performed more than 136,000 appraisals each month.


The vehicle listing will be available to many dealerships and the most visited e-commerce portals.


Our online platform, performing more than 10,000 sales per month, connects sellers and buyers while ensuring the sale of the used vehicle at a record time and value, growing the margins of your business.

A complete solution, from the appraisal to the sale of used vehicles, guaranteeing the profitability of your business.

Appraisal App

Through its own APP, the appraiser accesses all the features of the vehicle to determine a fair price.

Bidding Portal (B2B)

Online offers that connects directly to stores and dealers, where the best proposal wins the bid.

Automatic Integration

Our system is fully integrated with the main e-commerce portals, announcing the vehicle to the largest possible number of buyers.

Analysis Tool

Auto Action offers a Business Intelligence platform for the complete monitoring of the performance of your business.


Performance improvements for the entire chain and a good deal for everyone!

For those who buy


Get complete information about the vehicles and sellers, bringing much more security and intelligence to the process of buying used cars.


Do business whenever you want with just one click on our online platform or mobile application, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Get total transparency in vehicle relations and negotiations. Clear and correct processes, without surprises or informality.


Find the best deals on vehicles for your dealership, filtered by region, brand or model.

For those who sell


Professionalize and structure the process of buying and transferring used vehicles from your dealership.


Increase the sale of new vehicles with the efficiency in the transfer of an used one. Now, you will no longer lose business by not having anyone to sell the used cars from your dealership.


Have complete control of your dealership's performance and transparency in your deals, knowing that your car has been sold by the best offer.


Deal directly with buyers all over the country. and make your inventory turns, with excellent margins. Find the right buyers and sell directly to those who are paying more.