Nice to meet you, we are Auto Action,

An international company specialized in providing used car trade solutions since 2013, that is presently in 6 countries and being responsible for more than 180,000 transactions per year through our online platform. We really know the vehicles market and we know how to help you and your business.

We are able to assist you to source your inventory with high quality used cars from thousands and thousands of private owners with no hassle.

How do we work?

Our team of experts, fixed in Florida, uses his own technology to search for good deals 24/7 in the most relevant marketplaces on internet, bringing to you only good deals from 100% private owners.

You are free to bid and to buy the cars to source your vehicle inventory, in such an easier and faster way.

Through our app you will be able to bid on the car in real time and if the seller agrees with the offer, the car is yours.

On each step of the process, you will be informed with texts messages from our Team. And Auto-Action will make all the interface between you and the seller, to keep it in privacy and with no need about negotiating the vehicles. Our team will deal with the whole process, to keep your focus on what is the most important to your business: selling cars!

All vehicles that are on our platform has an AutoCheck report and the limited warranty certificate, that stays to vehicle for 60 Days, from CARS Protection Plus.

The process is highly documented to avoid any problem for you and the seller.

To the private sellers it is the perfect way to sell faster their vehicles, and for you it is the good manner to get highly quality used vehicles to help you improve your business.

Benefits to help you to decide:
  • High qualified cars from 100% private seller sourcing
  • Time saving to let you focus on selling cars
  • 24/7 online marketplace
  • No negotiation or contact with the private seller during the process
  • It’s up to you to buy or bid the vehicle
  • Every car has AutoCheck Report
  • Extended Warranty on us
  • Highly documented for your and seller safety
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